10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

With the recent hype around crystals, you might be wondering what those are and why are people in so much love with them?

Crystals and gemstones are a form of alternative medicine that is been used to heal the mind, body, and soul.

These crystals can bring positivity, prosperity, and happiness to your life while also offering great physical benefits.

So let’s learn why and how people use these crystals:

1.   To gift someone:

1 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals
Gift Crystals to your Friends and Loved Ones

Let’s start with something selfless, crystals can be used perfectly as a valuable gift to be given to others.

As you already know that crystals can assist in a lot of emotional and physical benefits.

So what better way to show your love and that you care by wishing them good health and happiness.

To begin with, you can give crystals like Rose quartz, the pink crystal that can attract love, happiness and bring joy to the wearer’s life.

Not to mention that rose quartz health benefits like Proper blood circulation, improve balance of hormones in the body, etc.

So if you find yourself confused about what to pick to gift someone, you know what to buy.

2.   To meditate:

2 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

One of the major reasons behind young people choosing crystals is to meditate better.

Mediations can bring you self-awareness,  focus, cure overthinking and declutter your thoughts.

So you know it overalls improve mental health which is important, as with pandemic stress mental health of the youth has reached lowest according to Statista.

Stat 1 1024x1024 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

If you take a look at the chart above you can see how bad is the mental health state of the youth in these times, so it is important to include practices that can avoid stress, etc.

And one of the big reasons for stress is radiation from devices that we are surrounded with 24 hours and can’t leave because it is our entertainment as well as work.

So meditating with crystals like Black Tourmaline can help you shield yourself with this and uplift your mood.

3.   To switch off:

3 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

The line between work and life is often blurry and that’s why it is sometimes hard to shut down and relax after a big day at work.

Especially in a pandemic where there is no separation between office and home, relaxation is just a dream.

But using crystals like Amethyst can help you slow down your rush and get a cool and calm headspace.

People keep crystals like these near beds or the area where they are more present.

4.   To feel more connected:

4 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

Often times you may get the feeling that you are missing out or the world is going too fast for you and you are staying behind alone.

The connection between your mind, body, and soul diminishes thought’s like these so that we can keep our ego in check and avoid situations where it can get the best of us.

Therefore people use crystals like clear quartz to balance their energy and bring more clarity to feel the connection.

The connection also helps you feel more balanced and centered which creates more calmness and empathy towards others.

5.   To avoid negativity:

5 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

Negative thoughts are a consequence of overthinking little things and situations which can lead to depression and anxiety.

Especially if it is this pandemic stress it can cause you insomnia and make you feel bad about yourself.

Therefore it is important to take those negative vibes out and replace them with positive thoughts and self-appreciation.

Crystals like moonstones can do exactly that along with providing you the inner strength to deal with tough times while promoting your inner voice aka intuition which can guide you in stressful situations.

6.   Heal their body:

6 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

As mentioned in this post crystals are great healers so people also use crystals to heal their body disorders and diseases.

Some physical benefits crystals can provide:

  • Better digestion
  • Aiding memory
  • Improving immunity
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Balancing hormones

While crystals can be beneficial for your body it is always advised to use them with prescribed medicines i.e. if you are currently on medicines then don’t throw those away as these crystals can only assist you.

7.   To cleanse their soul:

7 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

Whether that be bringing joy or cleansing ourselves people often miss out on the important part of themselves, the soul.

Crystals like Selenite and Black Tourmaline can be used to soothe your soul and clear your aura.

People underestimate how much a spiritual journey can help them clear their thoughts about their lifestyles and their relationships.

8.   To bring joy:

8 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

It can be hard for people to lose control of their surroundings for a while because of their work and especially pandemic stress.

But that is no reason to forget the ultimate reward, happiness.

All that effort needs to be appreciated to keep it long-term and enjoy the fruits life can offer.

Citrine is the crystal people choose to bring joy in their life by creating enthusiasm around their work.

As work plays a big part in our lives so it is important to love what we do!

But other than that this crystal also gives you optimism, clarity and improves qualities that can bring more excitement to your life like creativity and concentration.

9.   To create better relationships:

9 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

Our relationships are important to our livelihood let that be professional or personal so it is necessary to keep them healthy and fun.

But in the constant rush of life, they are often missed out which can create bitterness in the long term and the same old passive-aggressive situations.

So people who are trying to improve their relationship use crystals like Rose quartz that can help them restore their faith and apply more effort in their relationships.

Hence improving their connection with other beings to bring happiness in each other lives.

10.   To bring self-appreciation:

10 - 10 Reasons Why People Use Crystals

Lastly, when trying to fix everything there is one important person that is often missed but needs your attention…You.

If you have ever heard airline safety instructions they always say “in case of oxygen depletion first wear your own mask then help others”, Why?

Because you won’t be able to help others save their life if your’s is gone.

Having some love for yourself is not a sign of selfishness, so it needs to be celebrated, you need to be celebrated to reward your constant progress and your efforts.

You need to take care of yourself first to bring the best of yourself to others.

And gemstones like Aventurine can help you reduce self-criticism and boost the confidence that gives you faith in yourself, so you can embrace new challenges.

That’s it!

Those were the reasons why people are bringing crystals in their routines and why you should too.

Have you seen any of the mentioned crystals lately? Have you been using one?

Let us know below!

Thank you for reading!

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