9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace

Crystals are powerful gifts of nature that contain unique energies and vibrations that have helped people before modern civilizations.

You may have seen these crystals being worn by a lot of people let that be for jewellery or being carried around in bottles or even carrying tumbled/rough stones in their pockets.

These crystals can be used by individuals who want to improve their life, heal their body and follow their spiritual journey.

Today we will discuss the crystals for the workplace, these crystals may also provide good fortune and luck, so below are the 9 crystals to try at your work:

1.   Amethyst:

Amethyst - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace

Let’s begin our list with a protective stone because there is workplace negativity that is sometimes unavoidable.

Let that be coworkers or clients bad vibes do plan to attack us when we are vulnerable,

Amethyst is known to protect you against negative thoughts and ensure a proper flow of good and positive energy.

Other than protection and purification these stones also brings forward good qualities like humility, wisdom, compassion, which can give you empathy towards your co-workers and can help you understand the situation better.

Also if you often suffer from insomnia and are unable to relax this stone is also known to calm yourself and aid good sleep patterns.

2.   Black Tourmaline:

black tourmaline 1 - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace
Black Tourmaline

There are multiple reasons to keep Black Tourmaline at your desk some are:

  • Black tourmaline is known to protect you from EMF waves that are emitted from your devices that can trigger irritation, stress, etc
  • One of the most protective stones for keeping energy vampires out of your way.
  • Promote a healthy mood and passion for your work.
  • Ensure proper blood circulation.
  • Improve emotional stability and balance.

Black tourmaline is great protection and healing crystal that can help you work with less strain from your surroundings as possible.

It can also help you understand others and most importantly yourself, self-awareness is a great place, to begin with if you want to introduce some positive changes in your work.

3.   Citrine:

Citrine - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace

Do you have trouble finding interest in what you do? Has the work not be the same as before?

It is uncommon that sometimes people lose their willingness to work on something they no longer adore, Citrine helps you make every part of your life filled with enthusiasm and joy.

This can restore your passion for your work, make you love what you do, and make you more productive at your workplace.

Some additional qualities are also being promoted by this crystal-like creativity, imagination, and clear thinking all of this can help you give your best at your work.

Other than that this also comes in the workplace crystals that can help you find your purpose so what’s not to love.

4.   Rose quartz:

Rose Quartz - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace
Rose Quartz

Having an understanding and empathy towards your co-workers can help you build better relationships and create effective teamwork.

Rose quartz as the name may give a hint is all about friendship and love, it can promote these qualities while also encouraging to trust other people, respect them and have faith.

And not just for other people but rose quartz can also help you to understand your self-worth and make you appreciate your own efforts.

So if you struggle with your coworker and building good relationships with clients you can carry this around and see the benefits.

5.   Selenite:

selenite crystal 500x500 1 - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace

Other than having crystals that can make you feel good about yourself and others you also need some purification workplace crystals.

Selenite comes in one of them, it can purify your mind, body, and soul by flushing out negative vibes and ensuring a proper flow of good and positive energies throughout you.

Another reason for purification is when you feel positive and good about yourself more people want to be around you!

Aside from purifying you this crystal can also help you forgive others, bring inner peace, calm your monkey brain and give you some clarity.

This in turn reduces your irritation around your workplace and increases your tolerance.

6.   Sapphire:

Sapphire - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace

Aside from looking insanely beautiful sapphire contains the package of energies that can make you productive and effective at your projects and work.

It can enhance your mental abilities like creativity, optimism, knowledge, memory, clarity of thoughts, analytical thinking, etc which are needed in a work environment to come up with the best ideas and solutions.

Sapphire is also known to bring happiness and joy to one’s life so this can also ensure that you are not mindlessly working only to get burnout.

And speaking of health and emotional benefits this crystal provides:

  • Being self-centered
  • Heal eye-related issues like strain etc
  • Encouragement of friendship
  • Ensure proper blood flow
  • Aid in insomnia
  • Self-appreciation

This is also one of the best crystals to meditate with as it can restore focus if you are feeling a little bored during your work and unable to concentrate.

7.   Clear quartz:

clear quartz 1 - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace
Clear Quartz

The “master healer” can’t be left out when talking about crystals for the workplace, the simple and magnificent clear crystal contains powers that can help you restore your focus and improve your concentration during work hours.

This crystal can also help improve your memory and provide clear thinking to make analytical decisions instead of decisions based on emotions.

Other than making you productive this crystal can also ensure a positive energy flow throughout your mind, body, and soul and clear out any negative thoughts that are holding you back.

And if you ever want to amplify another crystals’ abilities you can also pair clear quartz with them and reap the benefits.

8.   Obsidian:

Black obsidian - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace
Black Obsidian

We often face attacks from our co-workers during our teamwork or when we work individually these energy vampires sometimes put us on a dark path and make us feel unsatisfied with our work.

Obsidian is one of the most protective stones that can block out these psychic attacks and avoid any negative vibes to take the best of you.

Some other benefits of obsidian are:

  • Getting rid of emotional blockage.
  • Giving you a sense of practicality.
  • Giving you a sense of fulfillment.
  • Promoting compassion.

We sit often in our chairs all day long because of the work and so obsidian can also help avoid some cramps and ensure a good balance of your energy throughout the day.

9.   Ruby:

ruby crystal wholesale - 9 Crystals To Try For The Workplace

Do you often find yourself lacking the energy to work thought the day or leading your team effectively?

Then ruby can help you restore your energy, leadership and give you the enthusiasm to love what you do and show compassion with people you love to do it.

Ruby contains a lot of selflessness qualities like Generosity, integrity, ability to inspire others, leadership, etc.

All of these can make you a real team player in your organization and help you in achieving bigger goals while appreciating the journey.

So what challenges do you face in your workplace? Are they listed here with the crystals to solve it? Let us know below!

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