Can Crystals Increase Your Creativity

Often times in our work we are required to put more effort towards the creative side of ourselves, but being creative can come challenging to a lot of people.

But creativity and focus are required to deploy good work, and if you are an artist you know the true value of using your creative ideas in your work.

After all, we are human beings and the world has been if nothing but the product of our imagination and things we once thought of like dreams.

Crystals can help you explore your artistic side of you let that be for divinity purposes or for simple day-to-day challenges that you face.

How? Crystals contain powerful and unique energies that can enhance your creative side and could promote intuition, self-awareness, and clear thinking.

All of this can help your idea muscle work harder and help you, so let’s see few crystals to start with when you have hit a “mental block”:

1.   Amethyst:

Amethyst 2 - Can Crystals Increase Your Creativity

Being creative often requires us to be bold and fearlessly express ourselves but often time we are held back by self-doubt and negative thoughts that are unhelpful.

So people who feel that way can use Amethyst to get rid of these negative energies, feel more trust within themselves and most importantly express themselves without any worry while listening to their intuition.

Amethyst comes in one of the first crystal for focus and creativity that are picked up by artists.

Other than that art is about portraying how you feel and to do that it is important to connect with one’s own self and Amethyst can be used to be spiritually more self-aware, feel the connection between mind, body, and soul.

When searching for crystal for artist Amethyst is the one to start with.

2.   Carnelian:

Carnelian - Can Crystals Increase Your Creativity

Creativity requires your passion and oftentimes it can be hard to be passionate but fortunately, carnelian can help you find your passion in the work you do and allow you to be truly yourself during your work.

Carnelian can also promote qualities that can help you be more productive during your craft: improving memory and concentration, self-esteem, creative passion, courage, appreciation of nature.

But how does self-esteem makes you more creative?

When we are burdened by constant pressure from people it can suppress the creative part of the brain and limit its potential but when you are confident about yourself you can think unapologetically and to your true potential.

3.   Jasper:

Jasper 2 - Can Crystals Increase Your Creativity

Jasper can work as a protective stone that can shield you against negative vibes and emotional attacks and act as a crystal for focus and creativity.

It can lift your spirits up so that you feel more in tune with yourself and help you with support during tough times.

Other than that art and creativity sometimes require you to not give up, and persistence is another quality that is being promoted by this beautiful stone.

So you cannot give up and avoid any emotional blockages while working.

Jasper also helps you relax better as oftentimes a break is needed so you can replenish yourself and recharge your mind.

For these reasons, Red jasper comes in as one of the best crystal for artists.

4.   Pyrite:

Pyrite - Can Crystals Increase Your Creativity
Golden Pyrite

This crystal is known to bring manifestation, good fortune, and abundance to the wearer.

As you know creativity involves the artists appreciating their own work and bringing their true visions into reality.

Pyrite also promotes some great mental healing qualities like mental development, aiding memory, optimism, logical reasoning, and practicality.

Perception is another quality that is being promoted by this crystal as analyzing your art and observing it from a different point of view can help you make necessary changes and improve your ideas while making them more practical.

Logical and practical abilities are required in creativity as it can help an artist be more realistic with their ideas so they can bring forth their craft without any worries.

5.   Tiger’s Eye:

Tigers eye 3 - Can Crystals Increase Your Creativity
Tigers Eye

Lastly often times we need a head start and motivational boost to bring our best ideas into reality, and the tiger’s eye is known to do exactly that.

It can bring forth the fire inside you and inspire you to take risks and be more passionate about the work you do and do it without any fear of failure or judgment.

This can help you speak your visions out loud and turn them into reality without stressing out.

When we feel powerful and optimistic while having no fear we do tend to work better and share our ideas with the world.

Self-doubt is a seed for insecurity which is eliminated by Tiger’s eye so you can be the “real you” during your creative aspirations or when working on something big.

So above were some crystals to assist you to enhance your creative side and bring your visions to reality.

Thank you for reading!

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