Directions for life

We feel we have advanced to greater heights but a small Virus has got standstill of the Whole World

So does this Statement go with everyone and their life? Question yourself? Where have you reached? What you were few years back? You feel you have garnered a lot of information and your knowledge is at its peak.

In my school days reading Science, we use to hear about many invention’s and we felt like yes we are advancing and humans can do anything, as the inventions from small to smaller particles, inventions on chemical reactions, inventions on space sending rockets.

Everything we have now has been invented by someone or the other, and it depends on how we use the same.

We felt we were at the pinnacle of SUCCESS and mankind has garnered a lot of information and his knowledge is at its peak.

Please scan yourself; have you really seen the world?

Are you able to play around with all situations and still be happy? Can you give ample time to your family, your friends; take care of your parent’s. Keep everyone aside, for a moment think about your own self, do you have time to give to yourself, do you have time to take care of your physical presence?

If yes then great, if no, then think why?

Love Yourself, Love you all

Your Friend, Your Guide, Your Brother

Pankaj P Soni

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