Energize your Life with Crystals

Energize your Apartment/ Bungalow with the Energy of Crystals

In today’s life we all have our own work, children their school and homework, parents need to take care of their children, their house, they need to earn for the house and then when they get some time they spend with each other.

Grand Parent’s in their life thinking that they have done a lot to raise their kids, their kids should take care of them. They get time to spend with their grandchildren, more than their offspring.

When everyone is in their respective place is right on their thinking as all are living their life with the people they come in contact with and start taking situations according to them, as correct or otherwise. Not easy to get into other’s shoes and imagine what has been said by them is right.

Life gets better when we get into another person’s shoes and evaluate the situation accordingly. This merely happens. Now the actual life story is we all deal with many different people, situations, news. Whether good or bad, that starts reflecting on our lives, why?

Tigers Eye 6 2 - Energize your Life with Crystals

This happens not because of any magic wand by evil has been shown to us, but because whatever information we see, hear, collect anytime, it’s upon us to let the information sink into our mind, or should we neglect it and carry on with our work.

The majority of the time the information sinks in, and the mind starts giving reactions to you in your life situations. You feel why ALMIGHTY, why ME? Now if you realize by reading this that your situation has arisen because of you and no one else.

HE gave you the situation which you wanted, and you felt that “No I didn’t ask for this?” so when is it that you will correct our own self.

If you want to live happily, think about what will make you happy? The answer depends on person to person and everyone is right, as we are almost 7 and a half billion-plus people around the world. Since we are humans and not machines, everyone has their own thought process, own ideologies, own visions, own situations to be happy.

One finds happy eating good yummy food, one is happy fasting. One is happy driving Luxury cars, one is happy traveling on a bus. One is happy with a rented house, another seeks bigger villas.

Everyone is right according to what they have asked for and has created in their mind a happy situation. The situations which keep them away from hard work, or a situation that they will be sitting on a Couch in their Villa with soft music in the background.

Now the question is how can get our mind to the positive situation which we feel will give us happiness, keep us away from the vibrations which we come in contact day today, which comes to us in any form, either we see some situation, or we hear some negative news, or we accept some news which fears us more than inform us to be alert.

Crystal’s help you and support you in all the situations. They are a boon of Mother Nature to us, we can keep these Crystals in the house, covering our home with Positive Energy Vibrations, as these Crystals either take in the Negative Vibrations or just go on releasing Positive Vibrations and they keep your environment positive.

Keeping the Crystals, you will start feeling relax and calm, you will start working on what you like, working on your goals, becoming good in studies, getting good marks, joining a better college, getting a better job, completing your targets, even if you reach near to your target, you will not be demotivated, but you will start focusing on the requirement again.

You will be happier to work in any environment. You will start living a happy life. What more is required? Yes, you will start helping others, and before you thought I don’t have time! Or that’s his/her destiny, but when you start helping others, and the satisfaction you get, the happiness you feel is something out of this world.

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