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I have a job, I am happy. Then also I feel I am not utilizing my full potential What do you mean by Path Clearance, in simple terms, its clarity of your path which you have chosen. Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you want? If you know what you want, what you are currently up-to? Why are you doing this? Have you chosen the correct path or Is it that you want to show someone else or do you want to prove yourself right?

Are you sure? Is it that you are doing the work cause you have nothing to do, or you don’t know what you should be doing which will give you happiness

Are you Clear? Having this Clarity will help you. But most of us don’t know what we want in our life, so we just see, I need to achieve this, because my seniors or my juniors or my friends or my wife/husband or my parent’s, should feel I am doing something good. Many of us are running the race, because we feel this is it, and the journey has already been defined for me, and this is my journey. That is your journey because you have defined it that way.

THE SUPREME POWER, has given you the power to define your path. What you do on that your road is defined. So select a Path which will give you happiness, not temporarily but the happiness should be felt many more times.


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Have you defined your Goals and working on the same!

This is required because when your Goals are defined and written down, you know the work you have to do to achieve your goals/ target.

It’s like you know where you want to go, you will book your tickets accordingly, book a place to stay.

Decide whom you will be meeting for your work and then do your work accordingly.

Are you the one who is just in the race?

But if you just know you want to achieve something that will make you happy. That something needs to be defined and then you have to start your work accordingly.

That clarity is required, and I help you in clarifying your goals


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The Chakras and The Aura

My experience in meditation field is more than 27 years. I had started meditation journey from Silva Mind Control Method, that’s when I was in my college.

With great interest did the Advanced course also and used the meditation more in healing people, thinking about the Nature and meditating for good rains, filled lakes and rivers, good harvest of crops. Healing people and understanding why the same is happening with the person.

This healing keeps the Vibrations of Positive to reach the individual for their happy life/ studies/ good relations and many other situations. Done for the small/ medium/ large company, different projects.

For different business, the outcome cannot be defined before, but the result will make you happy, if you are ready to accept the same. You just need to accept the Cosmic Energy and go on working and accept the things happening with you, as that’s good and helping you reach your goal/target

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