Stabilize your Emotions

Stabilize your Emotions by the Vibrations Emitted by these Crystals and aligned with you

In the life and times of the Corona Virus, it’s important to remember a few things

Dismiss the fear – False evidence appearing real!

For it weakens the immune system, opening pockets within your energy field allowing negative frequencies to filter through. This negativity becomes your beliefs, then your reality. This frequency triggers anxiety and panic. Since we are unable to keep the negativity away, as Negative Vibrations It is an essential time to raise your frequency and crystals help the vibrations in your surroundings and keep you in the positive.

How do Crystals help in these situations?

Amethyst Cluster 683x1024 - Stabilize your Emotions

Crystals which are kept in your Surroundings will keep on guiding you towards Positive Environment, and eliminate the Negative intentions to surpass

The Vibrations emitted by these Crystals go on speaking to every cell within your body, let them know you are healthy, safe and loved. Crystals keep the Positive surrounding yourself by motivating you towards a better situation.

Speak nice words, speak words of LOVE, COMPASSION, and GRATITUDE. Spread the frequency of LOVE.

The frequency of LOVE and the Vibrations emitted by Crystals supports you, is one of miracles and healing.

To Raise the vibrations surrounding you, you need to connect with the Crystals and I help you in doing so

You have a choice to which frequency you tune into, just like which radio station to listen too.

Why do you feel you are not successful and others are?

Why do you feel there is something missing, even when you are successful?

Do you have a peaceful sleep?

Come to know what will make you happy?

How Crystals play a role in your day to day life?

How the vibrations released by these crystals support you and keep you aligned?

How these Crystals keep the other’s intentions and their vibrations away from you so that you can carry on with your Work.

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