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I have heard and read this many a times. As a normal person I wanted to understand, how is it that I will get more if I am just giving from my side to others. They will be happier than me, as they are getting something from me at free of cost.

This made me think and I was sitting quietly with a mantra been played in a very soft and subtle tone. My mind started wandering and I questioned myself, how much do I earn? What do I do with this? When I started where I was, what was my earning, and where did I spend?

Then I started evaluating the answers. First is that someone gave me his knowledge, when I had taken that college/course, I gave the institute a fees, the faculty earned in the way of salary, The University earned and paid their staff, paid for electricity bills. Those in turn spent it for the services they got from other people.

So just by paying a small fee like me, there are many who do; this creates money/job/service for many.

Now we have earned Skills, knowledge, Certification, Talent is improvised. So with this we have built an image that I am capable of handling this task/job. So now we get the returns of getting a Job, starting a Business, taking our Family Business to next level.

Now comes the reality in picture, that is now you come in contact with numerous people, news, information etc which are all Vibrating their information to you, now it depends on you which Information you have to accept and which you have to reject so that doesn’t come as an obstruction in your way. Here is where the Crystals if aligned with you for your purpose, will go on emitting Vibrations which will help you be in alignment of your Goals, and you will see the different changes in your life, as you will start becoming more happier than what you were and you will start achieving your Goals

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